60-year-old Tommy Hughes runs 2:30 off 140MPW

Last month, 60-year-old Tommy Hughes added to his list of age-group records by running 2:30:02 at the Lisburn Festival of Running marathon. 

Like the former marathon age-group wonder, Ed Whitlock, Hughes subscribes to a diet of heavy miles. In his most recent marathon cycle, he peaked at 140 miles per week, often running ten miles in the morning and ten miles in the evening. This was up from a peak of 120MPW in previous cycles and considerably more miles than he logged earlier in his career when he set his PR of 2:13:59. According to multiple interviews with Hughes, he relies on a regular racing schedule for the majority of his speedwork. 

Hughes has his eyes set on a sub-2:30 in the near future despite just shattering the former age-group record by over six minutes. 

For more on Hughes's training, see this article that Amby Burfoot penned for Podium Runner last year after the Irishman clocked a 2:27 in Frankfurt.